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server and network setup installation

Server & Network Security Setup

server and network setup installation
  • Introduction

    A server is a network of one or more computers, commonly known as clients that are connected to a centralized computer. The prime objective of any server is to share or use resources and participate in a client/server network to hold resources and items that other computers would need. Each client computer must use an operating system that allows it to be identified to participate in the network.

  • Need of a server and network set-up Installation

    A computer is normally added to the server through Windows Active Directory Service. This application allows network administrators to add users, computers, and print resources to the network. Adding a computer to the network only takes a few steps in the application console on the server.

    The domain users who are administrators of their computers are authorized to add local users to their networks. Creating local users is useful when a program needs to run locally for security purposes, or if you need to give a local user exclusive access to a computer outside the domain environment.

    Servers to the network set up are primarily used in businesses and even in homes. A server set up is markedly different than merely connecting computers to a router to use the internet because another type of device or computer is set up as the server which the other computers are linked with.

    A server to client network works well in situations where you have more than three computers and you want to be able to access a resource, such as files or a printer on all of the connecting computers. This kind of network even allows you to centrally manage the computers in the network and share files and printers with each computer.

  • The Ideal Process for Installation

    Once a server computer is connected to the network, the next step is to install the network operating system (NOS) on the server. There are a few conventional ways to install the NOS software on the server irrespective of the kind used in the server.

    Usually, the NOS is installed directly from the CD-ROM distribution discs over the server’s CD-ROM drive. The other popular way is to install the operating system from a shared drive located on another computer only if the server computer already has access to the network. You can either use a shared CD-ROM drive or you can copy the entire contents of the distribution CD-ROM disc onto a shared hard drive.

    The server computer must have network access for this technique to work. If the server already has an operating system installed, it probably already has access to the network. If not, you can boot the computer from a floppy that has basic network support.

  • How We Help

    Ask the Technician provides you an array of computer repair and network services. If you need assistance for installing server and network set up at your office or home, you can avail our onsite tech assistance at your doorstep who will resolve it in 24 hours. We don’t levy any visiting charges if the customer is not satisfied with our services and follow a 100% money back policy. Our technicians are well equipped to fix any issue within 24 hours at the most basic and affordable cost.

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