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virus ,spyware and malware removal service

Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal Service

virus removal
  • Introduction

    A virus is a malware that is capable of copying and spreading itself into the host computers and causing serious damages to the data and system. When a user launches one of these infected programs, it spreads to other systems by attaching themselves to various programs. It can also expand through files and documents and can be used to steal information, harm host computers and networks, steal money, and more. Viruses can enter your systems as an attachment of images, greeting, or audio/video files. It can also enter through downloads on the Internet and can be hidden in a free or trial software’s.

    A Virus may exist on your computer, but it actually cannot infect your computer unless you run or open the malicious program.

  • Following are the different types of viruses found in a computer:

    File Virus: This type of virus infects program files and once it stays in memory it infects all programs that load on to the memory. Such as .exe, .com, .bat.

    Macro Virus: These viruses infect word, excel, PowerPoint, access and other data files. Once infected fixing it is very tough.

    Master boot record files: MBR viruses can multiply itself to the first sector of a storage device which is used for OS loading programs or partition tables. An MBR virus will infect this particular area of Storage device instead of normal files. The easiest way to remove an MBR virus is to clean the MBR area.

    Boot sector virus: This type of virus infects the boot sector of an HDD or FDD. As the system starts it gets infected from the boot sector and cleaning this virus is very difficult.

    Multipartite virus: This virus is a hybrid of Boot and Program/file viruses; it infects program files and infects the boot record. When you boot your system next time, the virus from the boot record loads in memory and it starts infecting other program files on disk.

    Polymorphic virus: This type of virus is more difficult to detect. This virus can encrypt its code in different ways so that it appears inversely in each infection.

    Stealth viruses: These types of viruses use a technique to avoid detection. They change the reading of the infected file’s size shown in the directory listing or redirect the disk head to read another sector. For example, the Whale virus adds bytes to an infected file; then it subtracts the same number of bytes from the size given in the directory.

    Trojans: This is a destructive program that looks like a real application. Trojan horses do not copy themselves but can be damaging. It opens an entry to your computer which gives access of your system to malicious users/programs which leads to theft of personal information. Example: JS.Debeski.Trojan credit/debit card information, etc. which is not safe.

    Misleading applications: Misleading applications misguide you that your system is infected by some malware or virus and ask you have to download the tool to remove it. And for that, you will be asked to buy the product for which it asks some personal information like credit/debit card information etc.

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