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Upgrading to a wireless network

Wireless Network Troubleshooting

Wireless Network Troubleshooting
  • Introduction

    At present, access to computers and the Internet has become a basic need across the globe. However, Network problem is becoming a continuous emerging threat to the systems. Oftentimes, a single network menace creates a full-fledged termination (disconnection) which causes the intact network weak. Technically, network issue has become one of the restraints for the network connectivity which hampers the overall productivity of any business and work.

  • The types of network issue, we usually come up against

    We often face peculiar types of network complexities that hamper our productivity in one way or another. A quick check to ‘when a network disconnection happens’ would surely help you to be a little cautious, every time your PC exhibits poor network connectivity or even issues such as

    • Wrong DNS Name
    • IP Address Cannot Find.
    • Unable to connect to any specific PC.
    • Low connectivity to the local files
    • The network path does not exist.
    • Network Error with printers, scanners, and other hardware components.
    • Poor network performance and slow internet issues.
    • IP addresses prostration from the Servers like- DHCP etc.
    • Address already in use.
  • How to affix network troubles?

    The internet has massive advantages in effect but its hidden setbacks can even create huge futility and failure to the business as well as work. Finding the sources of the problems and solving network issues should properly be taken care of by the experts who believe in providing the optimal solutions right there. Since it’s not everybody’s cup of tea to get into the troubleshooting of the network concerns in a flash and come out with an emphatic outcome.

    Affixing Network related issues is ‘Ask the Technician’ favorite job and the team formally aims at completing the task with full enthusiasm and avidity in one go.

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