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printer configuration services

Printer/Scanner Configuration Services

printer configuration services
  • Introduction

    A printer is undoubtedly an essential tool in the office as well as at home. If you want to put your data in hard copy, then you must have a printer. By installing it, you can print or scan a document at home or anywhere inside the office premises. Adding or sharing some printers to a network can be a bit tricky while most printers get installed automatically. Let us understand and learn how to install a USB printer, a network printer, or share a connected printer in any version of windows.

  • How to install a USB printer?

    • Read the installation guide, if you have any
    • Plug the printer into the USB port, not a USB hub
    • Turn the printer ON
    • Wait for the operating system to detect and install the printer
    • Install the software which came along the printer
    • Download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website
  • How to install a network printer?

    • Understand and read the installation guide
    • Connect the printer to your network
    • Open control panel and install it in Windows
    • Select ‘devices and printers’
    • Click ‘add printer’
    • Select ‘add network, wireless or Bluetooth’ then choose ‘wireless’
    • Click install driver, make sure you are connected to the internet
  • How to share a connected printer?

    • First, understand the difference between a network and a shared printer. A shared printer in your network is connected to one of the computers and made available to others.
    • Install the printer on your system, you wish to share from.
    • Open control panel and ensure that file and print sharing is enabled.
    • Open ‘network and sharing center’.
    • Select ‘Change advanced sharing’ settings link.
    • Ensure that you turn on ‘file and printer sharing’, then click save changes.
    • Return to the control panel, open ‘devices and printers’.
    • Right click on the printer you want to share, then select sharing.
    • Select share this printer, you can rename it and click apply.
    • Select the ‘device and printer’ from the control panel and click ‘add a printer’.
    • Click and select ‘add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer’.
    • Select the printer and print to the shared printer.

    This might seem an easy process but often proves unsuccessful, takes long time and needs high level of expertise. It may show errors in future. Avoid the hassle of setting up your printers on your own and enhance your performance because more is expected from you each day. We, at Ask the Technician, take care of all your printing and scanning needs so that your printer can function well and as swiftly as possible. You expect more from technology because technical glitch can hinder your work, and it can negatively impact your performance. We provide complete printing and scanning solutions to our customers, which helps them to carry out their daily task without any speed bumps.

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