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internet connection configuration

Internet Service Configuration

internet connection configuration
  • Introduction

    Before you start monitoring your network, there is a need to configure it properly. Network configuration is also known as network setup which requires the presence of various forms of hardware and software. The hardware is used to create the basis for the overall structure effectively. Software applications which are compatible with the hardware are uploaded and installed, which initiates activity on the network. This allows for efficient storage and retrieval of all types of data. If your network is facing a downtime, then network configuration backups can bring the device immediately to a running condition by reducing downtime significantly. Network configuration backup can find the root cause of the downtime.

    When a network needs modification, repair, expansion, or upgrade, the system administrator can refer to a network configuration management database to decide the next course of action. This database contains the network and location addresses of all hardware devices, information about the programs, versions, and updates installed on network computers. This term incorporates multiple configuration and setup processes on network hardware, software and other supporting devices. Moreover, it also includes network/internet sharing, installation & application of software and firewall.

  • Advantages of network configuration management include:

    • Systemize the processes of maintenance, expansion, repair, and upgrade.
    • Reduces configuration errors.
    • Eradicates downtime.
    • Increases network security.
    • Restore configuration, if results are unsatisfactory.
    • Saves documents and details of all configuration changes.
    • File sharing becomes easier
    • Boosts storage capacity

    Network configuration allows a system administrator to setup a network to meet an organization communications objective. It is the process of setting a network's flow, controls, and operation of an organization or a network owner to support network communication. There are different types of networks; each one requires some network configuration to function properly. For example, within a small office, a local network includes a telephone for voice communications, the cable provides internet connectivity for audio, video, and data exchanges. Along with the server, desktop computers, various wireless devices, and backup equipment are also common components on this basic network configuration.

    Large organizations often require a computer network configuration that helps multiple locations to interact as one large network. We, at Ask the technician provide you with feasible network setup and configuration services within 24 hrs with 100% money back guarantee, if not satisfied with the service. We provide hassle-free onsite tech assistance at your doorstep. We take responsibility for the entire network setup process and will ensure that your installation is efficient, reliable and time-saving.

Call Now: 02-8355-7854