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identifying faulty modem

Diagnostics of Faulty Modem/Router

identifying faulty modem
  • Introduction

    In present world of technology, we are all now connected with the internet like neurons in a giant brain. In essence, modem and router are the essential desktop peripherals that provide access to the Internet with an Internet service provider (ISP). Both of these devices are often found within the same network structure and transmit IP packets to innumerable destination within a frame of a network such- as- LAN in a small office, home or a WAN of vicinity etc.

  • Do we know the basic difference between modems and routers?

    If we talk about the major difference between a modem and a router then it must be segregated into parts for clarification. Discussing a bit about these networking devices would clear your doubts about why we should install a Modem and a router to get access to the internets at work and home. As a matter of fact, the functions of these two networking devices are adequately easy to comprehend.

    • In the general run of things, the modem requires a single LAN area for the configuration and the router needs both LAN and WAN.
    • A router intrinsically is a networking device which sends data packets between discrete computer networks with the help of a small box-modem and allows multiple wired as well as wireless devices to connect with it.
    • A modem is Modulator-Demodulator; it controls the signals via translating bits and bytes to the signals and vice versa whereas, a router explicitly connects to a modem and carries that one internet connected to the router to all the other devices.
    • For making the situation less confused and more comprehensible, a router solely connects various computers to a network and the modem helps in providing access to the internet.
  • Know how to get rid of the complexities with defective modems and routers

    Router and modems are considered to be the spinal cord of the Internet, without these foremost internet devices we cannot take a step further ahead therefore we should make sure to identify the errors at the earliest to avoid hindrances. Discovering the faults in a modem or a router requires technical expertise. However, it is way easier to establish a connection, merely by plugging two of the devices and you are ready to use internet.

    From the error identification in a defective Router to faulty modems, we, in ‘Ask the Technician’ give the unimpaired pieces of panaceas for all the technical difficulties. Trust our transcendent services and sit back for the rectifications for all internet devices at a stroke.

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