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email account configuration

E-mail account configurations Services

email account configuration
  • Introduction

    Whether you are into a business or an employee, you need an email (electronic mail) account to carry out your daily activities. The initial step required for using the email service on your server is to create the email account. You can begin to use your email, once you have configured your account. You must first decide how you would like to access your email before you start to set up your email client. You can use different programs to check your email. You can use a desktop program like Outlook, Thunderbird, or Mac mail. You can use a third party like Google Apps or other mobile devices.

  • Email Application Setting

    The email application is set up to retrieve and send email from the mail server using one of the protocols: IMAP or POP. Let’s understand more about IMAP and POP.

  • What are IMAP and POP?

    POP and IMAP are the two protocols that mail programs use to access your email inbox remotely. A protocol is a language email software uses to talk to your (and every other) email server. It is a set of rules for how data is received and transferred over the Internet.

    Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) doesn't take up drive space on your computer or mobile device by keeping your email messages on the mail server. All messages and folders will be available to you from the device you are accessing them from. IMAP allows you to create and access mail folders on the server directly. This will keep your Inbox, sent messages, drafts, trash, and custom folders synchronized. IMAP keeps a backup of your messages on the email server while using mobile devices or accessing messages from more than one computer.

    Post Office Protocol (POP) is the first and oldest mail protocol. POP mail programs can be set to leave copies of messages on the mail server. If you want to manage your mail through one central interface, it is a great option. If you frequently manage your email offline or need more storage space and if your mail server allows than POP is a great choice. ‘’DO NOT use POP’’ if you want to access your email from multiple devices.

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Call Now: 02-8355-7854