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Quick Guide: Learn How to Recover Data from a Dead Hard Drive

Are you looking for how to recover data from dead hard drive? If data gets lost all our efforts goes in vain, and almost once in our life, we all go through the pain of data loss. Data is everyone’s biggest asset, especially in the business. And loss of data can cause the major hindrance. 31% of people lose data due to physical Hard Drive failure and crash. Accidents do occur, they are inevitable and it happens with all of us,and sometimes we are only responsible for digging our own grave. We accidentally format our hard drive, and our heart pounces the moment we realize that we have deleted important files and documents. Data losses like this happen unintentionally, and a hard disk recovery software will help you retrieve the lost data back. Hard Drive is the backbone of the computer that stores complete data of the system.Nowadays, the crash of a Hard Drive is a common trouble, and it totally depends on us how we deal with the situation.Hard Drive is most sensitive and easily breakable, and sometimes it becomes difficult to recover data from a faulty hard drive.Adding to the worst is- not having an adequate backup. If you have backups of data, then the situation would be altogether different.For avoiding anticipated mishaps take extra precautions before the need of the hour strike and always keep a spare hard drive so that if one gets corrupted, you can rely on the other. Mostly physical hard drive damage scenarios are irreversible, and it calls for professional help. In this guide blog, firstly we will talk about how to spot signs if your hard drive is corrupted, then causes of hard drive corruption, and after that, we will lay-out the steps of How to Recover Data from a Dead Hard Drive.

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How to Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive

If you are wondering how did this happened with you, when you’re too careful with fragile devices like PC, Laptop, and Hard Drive, let me tell you that there can be several reasons for the corruption of Hard Drive, so don’t blame yourself for it, after all, it’s machinery. While it seems like our whole life comes to a halt for seconds and it has turned upside-down. Remember this is not the right time to panic, you need to act smart-there are few measures you can take to recover data from a corrupted hard disk. You’ve three options to solve your hard drive problem, and all three of them are effective in their own way. So we would suggest you to try out all three of them if you get results from the first, then there is no need to follow the other two. Firstly, you can try repairing it with a Windows inbuilt tool, if that doesn’t work for you try using a third-party application and lastly call for professional help.

How to spot signs if your hard drive is damaged or not

One should look for the tattle signs such as if your Windows OS displays the message-the disk is not formatted or sector not found or RAW. If suddenly data on the hard drive becomes inaccessible or if filenames contain symbols and signs that you never assigned it like ‘& * # $ % *.’ If you spot such warning signals than your hard disk may be damaged. Also, if you don’t detect such signs and even then your hard drive is not working, it is quite possible your hard drive is mechanically damaged. If the hard drive is damaged then instead of wasting your time on looking for the Guide of how to recover corrupted hard disk, the best would be to hire Ask the Technician onsite services.

 Causes of Corruption of Hard Drive

It is imperative to know the reasons of Hard Drive failure when we go to the root causes; then onlywe will be able to solve the snag.

Physical Damage: Physical damage incurs when the hardware gets crashed due to overheating of HDD, abrupt power failures, a short circuit in the control circuit board, R/W head crash, magnetic platter scratches, poor contact data line, etc.

Old Hard Drive: Every machinery has its limited age, the same way hard drive have a certain service life. When the period passes by, it starts deteriorating and starts facing errors and disasters.

Damaged File System: Through file system data is accessed on the hard drive since it manages and organizes files on the storage device. If the file system on internal HDD gets crashed, the whole disk becomes inaccessible.

Virus Infiltration Attack: Even a malicious virus attack can corrupt the hard drive, and due to a virus attack, all the boot files are stored in internal HDD that gets damaged or permanently deleted. This leads to boot failure, and your data gets at a high risk of being lost.

Corrupt Boot Sector: Once the boot sector gets damaged, the user is not able to start the machine, and their internal HDD data becomes inaccessible.

Steps to Recover Data from a Dead or Corrupted Hard Drive

 The mentioned steps will help you in restoring the data from a corrupted hard drive. There are different mechanisms to fix a corrupted hard disk in different versions of Windows. Some windows automatically request a scan, and in some versions, you need to do it manually. Follow the steps like select my computer and then find your hard drive and right-click on it. Then Select Properties, Tools and then click on the check button. The scan will help you in checking the possible errors.

Download Data Recovery Software: To fix a corrupted hard disk for recovering the lost data, you need Disk Internals Partition Recovery software or Disk Drill recovery software or Recover it Data Recovery software. These are the best and user-friendly software for corrupted HDDs. It will help you in rebuilding the file system.

Select the Corrupted Hard Disk: Select the disk which you want to scan and then wait for a while until the software extracts the lost or corrupted data from the selected drive.

Scan the corrupted Hard Disk: You can either go for a quick scan or a full-fledged scan, the scan will help you find the lost files from the damaged hard disk.

Preview and Recover Corrupted Data: The software will preview the results you found with quick or full-fledged scan so that you can select the files of your choice and save them to the desired location. Click on the Recover button, and with just a click of a button, you will get back all your data.

Points to Keep in Mind to Save Yourself from Future Perpetual & Costly Problems!

Before the trivial Hard Drive problem turns into a major headache, hire Ask the Technician top-notch services in this regard.

  • The moment your Hard Disk gets corrupted, stop using it right away. If you continue using it, there are probable chances your data on the drive might get overwritten and then the recovery process will become harder, resulting in a permanent troubleshoot.
  • Don’t format the hard drive if you do so, it can turn the minor problem into a long-lasting one, and it will make it harder for you to recover data.
  • If your system’s internal hard drive has crashed, then don’t install a program instead browse the web and restart your system multiple times as possible. 

How ‘Ask the Technician’ Experts can Recover corrupted hard disk?

If you’re not able to retrieve the data by following the aforementioned steps since your hard drive is damaged beyond the capabilities of data recovery software, then, don’t worry, you can still get the data back with the help of a reliable hard drive and data recovery service providers and what’s better than hiring Ask the Technician services in this regard. Our technical mavens can recover the data within a few clicks and that too from severely damaged drives. Our onsite technicians will come at your doorstep within 24 hours of scheduling the appointment, and we have a record of resolving the complaints within an hour time. Recovering your valuable data from the ruthlessly corrupted hard disk is our responsibility, and if you’re not satisfied with our services, we will not levy any visiting charges.

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