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Computer Virus Removal: A computer virus is a malevolent program that is infiltrated by the hackers and cyber criminals on targeted gullible user’s computer. What is worst about the virus is that they self-replicate by modifying the computer and make multiple copies of themselves on drive connected to your computer. Once the gullible victim’s system is infected, it slows down the performance of the PC and creates hindrance in the functioning of the system. It is also capable of causing damage to the victim’s system by destroying or corrupting data. Notice the pattern if your computer is performing sluggishly and whether it is taking ages to respond. If it is creating undesirable fuss and interruption in your work like hanging, and when even opening of a file takes ages, this means for sure your computer is infected with a malicious virus. Also if you’re spotting signals like unrecognized computer programs launching on their own, spams, unsolicited pop-ups that appear out of nowhere, just don’t ignore such warnings as your PC might be infected. Leaving the virus unattended without thinking about computer virus removal can be devastating, and it can even furtively delete the systems file and can comprehensively damage the system hardware. Therefore as soon as you spot the signal, you should look for the virus removal procedure.

Also, you should have trusted anti-virus software that can safeguard you from the anticipated virus threats. Even if your system doesn’t exhibit any symptoms, it can detect the virus threats and competently remove them from your system. There are hundreds of ways through which nefarious hackers infect the system of the victims, and some of the common methods are through Malvertising through malicious ads, unpatched software, and unwanted email attachments. Also, it can enter when the user download virus infected pirated movies, images and audio/video files from unknown sources, even when the user downloads unauthenticated security software from the Internet or visit infected sites. Also, your PC can get computer virus with an infected USB stick, or nefarious hacker sometimes leaves the infected disk in public places like cafes or workplaces. Don’t click on the attachments or any unsolicited links at any cost.

Computer Virus Removal Guide to spot if your computer is infected with virus- There is numerous signs that very well indicate that your computer is infected with a virus.

  • If your computer is working sluggishly and taking longer to perform the minutest task, so it is quite possible, your computer is infected with a virus.
  • Look everything with suspicion if you notice something unusual like program or app running which you haven’t downloaded.
  • If you spot any unwanted software running in the background, then you should run a virus using robust anti-virus software.
  • If your computer is acting weird like starts behaving strangely or abruptly crashes and screen freezes for no ostensible reasons, then your computer has a virus.
  • If your computer or laptop is overheating, then there are higher chances that it is infected with a virus.

Computer Virus Removal Procedure

The steps mentioned below will surely work no matter how perilous is the virus.

  1. Download a virus scanner: Firstly, download a reliable and robust virus scanner which is proficient at removing the virus from the origin. We recommend defencebyte Anti-Virus Pro software for the same since it will guard your computer competently against catastrophic infections.
  2. Disconnect from the Internet: For preventing further damage when you are trying to remove a virus from PC, it is advised to disconnect the system from the Internet. Since most of the viruses use the Internet connection to spread its infiltration.
  3. Reboot your Computer: When you’re following the computer virus removal process in order to protect your computer reboot it in Safe Mode.
  4. How to Do It: Firstly, turn off your computer and then restart it once again. When you see the screen light, instantaneously press F8 to get the advanced boot options menu. Afterwards click on Safe Mode with Networking, while being disconnected from the Internet.
  5. Delete Temporary Files: Delete all the superfluous and temporary files using the Disk Clean Up since some viruses are initiated when computer boots up and if you delete temporary files it will remove the virus.
  6. How to Do It: Firstly, click on the Windows logo and then type Temporary Files. Choose the option Free Disk space by deleting unnecessary files. Next find the temporary files in the Files to delete disk cleanup list, select them and lastly click on ok and then confirm delete files section.
  7. Run a virus scan: The antivirus you’ve chosen and installed on your system earlier, it’s time to use that. To avert the incessant spread of the virus just run Scan to get rid of malicious infection.
  8. Delete the virus: If your anti-virus software detects the virus, then select Delete or Quarantine option to remove the files to get rid of the virus. After that, re-scan your computer to check if there are any threats or not. If any threats are spotted, quarantine or delete the files immediately.
  9. Reboot your Computer Once Again: Now when you finally get rid of the virus, reboot your computer, and now without using it in safe mode, you can simply turn on.
  10. Change all your passwords: To safeguard yourself from identity threats and data breaches, change all your passwords if they were compromised.
  11. Update your software, operating system and browser: It’s better to update your software, browser and operating system if by chance they have been exploited by hackers to install a virus on your computer.

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In most of the scenarios, the virus can’t be detected with your anti-virus software since some of the malicious malware is designed precisely to disable the functioning of the anti-virus software. In this case, the virus needs to be manually removed, which is a daunting and taxing task. Also, following the computer virus removal guide is not a cakewalk as it seems, and everyone doesn’t achieve success in removing the virus manually. Also, sometimes detecting the source of virus infiltration becomes tricky. For all your virus problems you require the help of professionals and what’s prodigious then Ask the Technician top-notch computer virus removal services. Within 24 hours of scheduling the appointment, our certified technicians will help you in getting purged of the virus infestation.

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