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A Step By Step Ultimate Guide to Repair a Broken Laptop Screen in Sydney

A Broken Laptop screen is no less than a nightmare for anyone. The moment it drops from our hand, or when liquid spills on it give us almost a heart attack. And sometimes when we accidentally sit on the screen and put excessive pressure on the back of the screen, our first reaction is to freeze and freak out. Our whole life comes back-and-forth, and the memory of the crack on the screen keeps on haunting us. When we run into a Laptop Emergency, we feel like our life has come to a halt.

Since a cracked screen makes a laptop unusable and harder to work on, operating it feels like real trouble. But No Worries; you can fix it! The broken display screen can easily get repaired with the right tools and a little technical knowledge here and there. We’re here with a step-by-step guide for laptop screen repair in Sydney. If your laptop screen is cracked due to an unfortunate accident or if by chance heavy-weight thing felt down on the laptop screen, then read this blog further.

If you’re a victim of a cracked screen, it creates chaos for you since it is an exceptionally fragile and significant part of the system. Since pixel problems can create hindrance in displaying, and if the screen is cracked in small pieces, it can create a problem of visibility and no operation taking place in the laptop will be visible to you.

It can easily get to your head as the damaged screen problem is the most infuriating thing one can face. However, it is easy-peasy to fix the broken screen but at the same time taxing and conscientious for you. If you’re not a particularly patient person, then it can be a little challenging for you to fix it all alone.

First of All: Make sure that only your laptop’s screen and nothing major than that has been damaged. If your screen is visually splintered or damaged, make sure whether it is creating a hindrance in viewing or not before making a final decision of repairing it. If it does, you need to go for laptop screen repair in Sydney right before trivial snag further turns into a major headache for you. So, this guide is for every laptop brand, and model, though the internal hardware may vary, the general process remains the same.

Follow the Steps Competently in Right Way to Get the Best Results

Step 1: Remove the screen bezel

What you have to do is shut down the laptop, disconnect the power supply, and then remove the battery from the laptop. Now carefully examine the bezel around the screen in order to access the screws that hold the LCD panel in place. What keeps the bezel in place is several rubber cushions and hidden screws. First of all, you’ve to remove these screws and the cushions that are underneath.

Step2: Remove the wrecked LCD panel                                                       

Thescrews that secure the LCD, you’ve to take them out with the help of a screwdriver. Once you’ve removed the screws successfully, after that rest the laptop display front-side-down on the case and next disconnect its cable. If your laptop is of the old generation and it was produced before 2010, then it probably has the LCD with fluorescent backlights, and it will have two cables.

These days the more advanced and sophisticated laptops have one cable. Now, look for the manufacturer’s label and make a note of the model number. By using this information, you will be able to buy an exact fit for your broken screen.

Step 3: Install the new LCD panel

Once you’ve purchased a flawless new LCD screen for your broken laptop, then it’s time for installing it. Firstly, check whether the dimensions, mounting brackets, and connector match the old one. If they do, then you’re ready to install the screen. Position the panel in the lid and connect the new panel to the cable and now secure them properly using the appropriate screws.

Step 4: Try and Test the new LCD Panel multiple times and reinstall the bezel        It’s always great to primarily test the new panel before reattaching the bezel. Reconnect the battery back and now power the cable and turn the machine on and if the displays work, then reattach the bezel. Once you’re done checking it whether it is working or not. If it’s working, secure the LED display with screws and cover with the rubber caps or plastic.

The repair is almost complete, but keep in mind that it is a painstaking task. It takes a sheer amount of patience and planning to make sure to get the right replacement screen and to fix a new one. If you’ve zero technical knowledge and have no interest in repairing machinery that too fragile one and your hold on patience level are too low, also if you don’t have access to tools and a replacement LCD screen, then we would recommend you to go for professional Webmax IT laptop screen repair in Sydney, they are best at what they do, like fixing your issues proficiently that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

Affordable Laptop Screen Repair Services at Your Doorstep!

 In case, if you’re unable to fix it, you can contact the qualified and certified technicians to do the same. WebMax IT employs highly skilled mavens who can resolve all the issues of laptop screen within no time, no matter which brand and model you own. As per your convenience, you can either choose our door to door services or online remote support.

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