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data backup restoration

Data Back-up and Recovery Services

data backup restoration
  • Introduction

    Back-up and restoration refer to the process of backing up data from secondary storage and restoring to its original or a different location. A restore is performed to retrieve data that has been stolen or damaged or in case of a mishandling or other system hardware related errors. Backing up data is a mandatory requisite for functioning of any business. It implies archiving and copying computer data so that it is accessible in case of data deletion or corruption. It is beneficial to protect organizations and individuals against significant data/files loss from their systems.

    Several conditions lead to the need for data restoration. For example, when data is accidentally damaged or deleted. Other circumstances include malicious attacks where data is exposed, stolen or infected; power disruption; theft, malfunctions or failures.

  • Consequences of not backing up your data!

    Accidents happen when you least expect it, especially when numerous systems are connected together, so it is better to be prepared. You assume that your company’s crucial data is saved automatically when you finish writing. But in reality, your computer could crash at any time, and it’s nearly impossible to get your data back until they are not backed up properly. If you do not plan, you are in danger of losing every data and important documents instantly at any time.

  • How does it happen?

    Human error: Accidentally deleting files is one of the reasons that data is not secured. Though it is entirely preventable but happens often.

    Malware and viruses: Virus can damage your files and other data and is preventable by having proper anti-virus protection and software.

    Hard-drive damage: From an electrical failure to a media crash, if your hard drive is damaged, you can lose your valuable data in one go.

    Power failures: This is another common factor to data loss. Anything that is not correctly backed up will be wiped out instantly. This can also cause a chain reaction on your hard drive.

    Above mentioned data loss scenarios are 100% preventable. You can’t stop an electrical disruption or an unanticipated fire but, if you back-up your data religiously then you don’t have to worry if something goes wrong. Storing multiple copies of your important documents provides the insurance and flexibility to restore it in case of loss.

  • Types of Back-Up

    • Hard disk drive: HDD back-ups provide a quick data restore. These are safer than off-site tape and cloud back-up. However, it costs more than the other data back-up and restore methods but are the best for the data that changes frequently and requires a short retrieval time.
    • Tape back-up systems: These systems provide high-capacity storage at a lower cost than hard drive disks. But tape still has a longer recovery time than disks or the cloud. This system also needs continuous management and testing to ensure data is accessible when required.
    • Cloud back-up: With a cloud back-up, it's easy to add capacity, and because organizations don't have to buy and maintain back-up software and hardware, its costs are lower. However, when data volumes grow, cloud back-up costs rise as well.
  • How We Help

    Losing important files and documents on your computer will be the last thing you want as a business owner. There are numerous benefits of back-up and restoring your data than you may think. Ask the technician offers recovery services you can trust and create a back-up solution that is right for you at your doorstep. Your personal data is valuable to us, and we will never let you in crisis due to data loss. We realize how important your personal data is for you, so no space is left for any mistake in the process. Our experts provide prompt service within 24 hours so that you do not suffer any work hinderance.

Call Now: 02-8355-7854